Three Designed Objects

What is good design?

Most people think that design is about making things look pretty – a decoration. Art. But design is as much an art as it is a science. Cold and calculated process. Sometimes the detriment of pretty. Yet, the design is not allowed to fail. Design is for everyone and no one in particular. As well as design in general, is a complex yet subtle process, it’s more than making things pretty.

Water Bottle

Water Bottle

This is a 750-milliliter capacity water bottle. It is a pure design stainless steel insulated water bottle. it has a nice brushed finished body. The bottle right there quiets a tall structure. And the bottom design as well its flat finishing and it is horizontally brushed across the length of the water bottle. And there is a branding name called PE Birds on the bottle. It uses BPA-free materials for its installation. So it is safe from any kind of toxicity, and stainless steel itself is naturally antibacterial.

The design of the cap is very unique and in terms of the quality of the cap, the material is hard plastic. And the top lid makes it easy to carry with fingers or loop onto bags with a snap ring or something like that. And the wide-open mouth and twist opening lid help the total leakproof. The zipper is about half an inch narrower than the mouth of the bottle. So it is easy to sip from. Whether it is filling with ice water or some other beverage, this insulation will keep it cold or hot for a long period. So it gives a nice design good look a thorough look right around this stainless steel insulated water bottle.

Trolley Bag

Trolley Bag

Travel bags are available in a huge variety of styles and designs. A maximum capacity of carry-on build ith a unique charging capability with two external USB ports to recharge smartphones up to four times. And the power bank is fully removable and complies with airlines standards. it designed the cable as an all-in-one cable to recharge android and iPhone devices and also recharge the luggage itself. It has not four but eight wheels for a 360degree super smooth glide designed to wheel effortlessly on multiple terrains. it extremely light just 6.8pound / 3kg. The zipper puller clicks into the integrated combination lock. The external shell is 100 polycarbonate. And mainly it is equipped with a standard TSA anti-theft lock, mute carters, and the telescopic handle is made of 100 aircraft grade anodized aluminium reinforced impact-resistant corners scratches and stain-resistant top inside and easy grab handles. Their category components are built into an embedded checklist. So you never forget anything. The other compartment with a specialized stretch mesh. and the compression straps keep everything in place and minimize wrinkling.

spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is a kind of container where you can store liquids to clean anything by spraying. the bottle has a very good and helpful design. The extra-long tube will help you to avoid wasting liquids and can spray the last drop in it. The changeable nozzle is so good which is built with an original no leak mechanism. it can contain about 900ml of liquid that will lengthen your spraying time because most of us do not like to put liquid several times for a single task. The four-finger spraying trigger ensures the ultimate comfort while using because the fingers will not be tired. it helps to hold the bottle comfortably for its size, and it may take less effort. And it will increase usability while spraying. it is a translucent container and clear enough to see the fluid. Well, there is an adjustable nozzle that enables different types of splashing features such as a strong stream, mist and light mist so on, and the materials are used to manufacture the container is BPA free.

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