This is a 750-milliliter capacity water bottle. It is a pure design stainless steel insulated water bottle. it has a nice brushed finished body. The bottle right there quiets a tall structure. And the bottom design as well its flat finishing and it is horizontally brushed across the length of the water bottle. And there is a branding name called PE Birds on the bottle. It uses BPA-free materials for its installation. So it is safe from any kind of toxicity, and stainless steel itself is naturally antibacterial. The design of the cap is very unique and in terms of the quality of the cap, the material is hard plastic. And the top lid makes it easy to carry with fingers or loop onto bags with a snap ring or something like that. And the wide-open mouth and twist opening lid help the total leakproof. The zipper is about half an inch narrower than the mouth of the bottle. So it is easy to sip from. Whether it is filling with ice water or some other beverage, this insulation will keep it cold or hot for a long period. So it giving a nice design good look a thorough look right around this stainless steel insulated water bottle.