A spray bottle is a kind of container where you can store liquids to clean anything by spraying. the bottle has a very good and helpful design. The extra-long tube will help you to avoid wasting liquids and can spray the last drop in it. The changeable nozzle is so good which is build with an original no leak mechanism. it can contain about 900ml of liquid that will lengthen your spraying time because most of us do not like to put liquid several times for a single task. The four-finger spraying trigger ensures the ultimate comfort while using because the fingers will not be tired. it helps to hold the bottle comfortably for its size, and it may take less effort. And it will increase usability while spraying. it is a translucent container and clear enough to see the fluid. Well, there is an adjustable nozzle that enables different types of splashing features such as a strong stream, mist and light mist so on. and the material are used to manufactured the container is BPA free.